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HipSmile is a mobile application that allows you to give and receive goods and services in different categories such as health, education, material goods, volunteer work, or others.

With its geolocation system, HipSmile allows you to find easily announcements (donations or requests) near you.

Download the HipSmile app and make a donation. A smile is contagious!

HipSmile's goal is to connect people in need and those who want to make a donation while respecting their dignity.


Medicinal Fees

HipSmile allows people to post their requests while attaching their quotes or bills from doctors, clinics and pharmacies. Donors will be able to fund by contacting the applicants directly.  

Medical equipment

HipSmile allows donors to give or fund medical equipment. Applicants can also post their needs and find what they need: wheelchairs, canes, crutches, breathing apparatus, blood pressure monitors, blood glucose meters.



Back to school is a very big challenge for many families. Donors can share or fund school supplies. As well as cover the cost of schooling.


Don’t let your books and novels perish on your shelves and offer others a source of knowledge.

Private tutoring

Dedicate some of your time to help schoolchildren and students with their homework or give them support at a distance or at home.

Material goods

On HipSmile, post a donation of clothing, furniture, quilts or other items. Whether it’s new or used, it will allow many people to find their needs. 

Volunteer work

It is important that people with reduced mobility can live in the middle of our society without hindrance. Some of them cannot use public transportation, which makes their daily life even more difficult. Make your car available to them and help make their lives easier.

You can also help by spending a few hours with elderly or disabled people, going for walks, running errands or just talking with them.

Be supportive and give a little of your time to improve their well-being through various activities: Visiting the elderly, Internet support and much more.

How does it work?

Download HipSmile

Download HipSmile from the Google Playstore or the App Store.

Create an account

Create your account on our Application using your email address or sign up using an existing Google, Facebook or Apple account.

Donations and Requests around you

View help offers and help requests on the home page or on the map.

Post your offer or request for help

You can start Giving and Receiving in one click! From the start page, click on the " offer " or the " request " icons and fill in the form.

Get in touch to offer help or to get help

Receive a notification when you have a response to your offer or request for help. View the user's profile and get in touch with them.

Where can I download HipSmile?

Download for free App

Download our mobile application HipSmile available for iPhone and Android

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